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A surgical procedure to repair a perforated eardrum or middle ear issues to improve hearing and prevent infections.

Shri Ram Hospital's ENT department specializes in tympanoplasty, a surgical procedure designed to repair perforated eardrums and improve hearing. By employing advanced microsurgical techniques, the hospital's ENT surgeons restore the integrity of the tympanic membrane, addressing hearing loss and preventing recurrent ear infections.

Each tympanoplasty procedure at Shri Ram Hospital is customized to the patient's specific condition, with surgeons utilizing delicate techniques to achieve optimal outcomes while preserving ear function. Patients benefit from the expertise of a dedicated surgical team that focuses on ear health, ensuring a thorough approach from diagnosis to postoperative care.


After surgery, the hospital provides detailed instructions for ear care and monitors patients' recovery through follow-up visits, assessing healing and auditory improvement. The commitment to comprehensive ENT care at Shri Ram Hospital ensures that tympanoplasty patients receive focused attention and support, maximizing their chances for successful hearing restoration and overall ear health.

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