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Varicose Veins Surgery

Techniques to remove or close off varicose veins, improving circulation and reducing discomfort and swelling.

At Shri Ram Hospital, patients with varicose veins can access advanced surgical treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve vascular health. The hospital's vascular surgery team employs techniques such as sclerotherapy, laser ablation, and vein stripping to address problematic veins, focusing on aesthetic and symptomatic relief.

The choice of varicose vein treatment is personalized, with surgeons evaluating each patient's condition to recommend the most effective and minimally invasive option. These procedures not only address the cosmetic concerns associated with varicose veins but also prevent complications such as ulcers and thrombosis.


Post-treatment care is integral to the patient experience at Shri Ram Hospital, with follow-up appointments to monitor healing and ensure satisfactory results. The vascular team also provides guidance on preventing future venous issues, supporting patients in maintaining long-term vascular health.

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